13 June 2006

The serious and the not so serious

Found this first link on another blog. Gandhi's 7 deadly social sins. I believe that Christians can affirm this as truth.

This link was sent by a friend and has had me laughing out loud commenting to anyone in the room (which happens to be no one) about the hilarity of the dance. It's entitled The Evolution of the Dance.


J Hearne said...

As for adjusting your template, the best I know to tell you is to click on the template tab in your blogger dashboard. Scroll down until you see things like "previous posts," "archives," etc. Copy that and play with it until you produce what you're looking to produce. If you'll email me then I can send you a copy of the code that I use for my templates.

I thoroughly appreciate your thoughts and comments and invite you to give them whenever you feel like it. I'll always read and consider them. Know that I'll be reading and commenting on your blog, as well. Perhaps when you figure this template thing out we can link to each other.

God bless.

Pamela said...

I went back to an old post to tell you that I left out Ipanema.. by accident.. but you may want to see how that person works into previous storyline.. because with me leaving her out like that it sure makes her a perfect run in for the black clocked figure.

i picked up some dialogue right off of people's blogs... that why it is so idiotic


sorry about handing you that mess

delete this ,,,