08 September 2006

Review - Reconstructing Natalie by Laura Jenson Walker

Reconstructing Natalie by Laura Jenson Walker depicts a twenty-something’s struggle with cancer, especially poignant because of the author’s cancer history. The story shows Natalie’s heartache over losing her hair and her tennis match between hope and despair at the thought of death. She walks with old friends, family, and new cancer-surviving friends. She loses her boyfriend, her boobs, and new friends to death. This strife is balanced with trendy language and TV and actor references that make for a light read. In fact, the a la mode style may render the book irrelevant in a year or two, but the book is an encouragement for those living with cancer and it is insightful for those who have friends and family with cancer.
By the way guys, it is chicklit all the way.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds interesting. Thanks for including book reviews.