13 September 2006

Writer's Block

All morning, nothing. I couldn't think of anything to say to you. My opinions on something? Nah. I've done that too much lately, and I'm opinioned out. Some fun vignette? Go nuttin. So here is my poem on writer's block (cue horror music).

a blank glaring computer screen smacks
of Writer’s Block
so i write something
feigning creativity
to find creativity
pretending diligence
to produce diligence

a mask, a ruse, a veneer
not quite the philosopher,
not quite the poet,
not quite the playwright
floundering in futility
feeling fake

rebelling to belong
or belonging by rebelling?
playing twenty questions
never victorious
always plaguing
who am i?


Erin said...

Hey, this is really good! And sadly, so familiar. Especially that part about faking it.

Soooo... I'll not deny it, I have a creative block too and just want to do SOMETHING creative. Anything creative. Let's see now, how can I fake brilliance today?

Mirtika said...

OMIGOSH, this is so me.

When I have prose writing block, I immediately head for poetry.

I've been writing poetry a lot in the last couple months.


Beyond Words said...

It's okay, Heather. I will come back to your blog until you tell me it's finished. You don't have to post with a certain frequency to keep me loyal.

This week I'm working on Youth studies, reading N.T. Wright, falling on my face silly in love with Jesus and I can't put it into words on my blog because it's, pardon the pun...Beyond Words.

Okay, I think I might have something to post, now. Thanks, Heather. See how helpful your blog is?

I love poetry, by the way.

willowtree said...

I'm not a big fan of poetry (unless Limmericks count), but that wasn't bad.

I do one of two things when I get writer's block, post a picture or call on one of my many fart stories.

Dineen A. Miller said...

Rest. That's what came to me as I read this. Maybe this is a brief respite to refuel and reconnect. Blessings to you!

L.L. Barkat said...

I am a writer... you know, the kind that sometimes gets paid (but usually gets underpaid)... so I don't have the luxury of being "blocked"... but as you say, it happens...

so, when the walls go up and I can't find the door, I climb over instead, or dig under, or find a hole to pick at and enlarge...

which means... I play the piano, or read a book of poetry, or go out and garden, or watch a foreign film, or take my kids to the park... this, too, is writing... the place where ideas are born.

And, frankly, I loved the newborn cry of your poem. :)

Jennifer said...

Good stuff--and you got to use the word "ruse," so it was effort well spent.

I am rarely without ideas of what to write, but often the whole concept doesn't come together. When that happens, taking pen to paper instead of typing often gets the words flowing.

Please keep hanging in there.

Robin said...

To answer your question, you're a poet, a writer, a thinker and sojourner in the faith. A wife, a friend, and author :).

Enjoyed your break into free verse...glad you have a block so you could explore this side.

Gina said...

Great poem! I rarely get writer's block since I soooo many things I can work on, I just switch gears.

And commenting on other blogs and answering emails helps me get back into the writing flow when I am at a loss for words!