29 December 2006

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

Here I sit snuggled in my Christmas pajamas and the blanket my mom made us for Christmas. Ralph stands noble in his blue-lit suit. My living room is ensconced in nativity scenes and nutcrackers and stocking hung by the chimney with care. Red and green and white lights wrap around the room. Christmas carols play from my computer. It is my last stand, my last effort. Because the truth is, it’s over. Family has all gone home. Christmas movies have been watched.
Post-Christmas partum. It’s the most depressing time of the year.
And I have absolutely no reason to be depressed. My husband and family and friends completely spoiled me this year from a misfit toy ornament to Pirate games to books to a popcorn maker (you have to understand how much of a popcorn fanatic I am) to another season of M*A*S*H on DVD to a brand new car. Yup, a brand new car complete with the new car smell.
My husband and I looked at cars this past summer. My car is getting up there in years, but it still runs. We just couldn’t afford a new car. Then my husband saw that someone in our church needed a new car. Five kids in one apartment. One car. The husband takes that one car to Oklahoma every week for his job. I would say they need a car. So my husband fast-forwarded some of our plans. Donated my car and bought me a new one. It was my grandmother’s car. Grandma, you’re legacy of generosity lives on. You’re still helping those in need.
Christmas morning we wake up bluebird early and trek to Chris’ mom’s house in our Christmas pajamas. Chris tells me to open my present from him last. Very last. It’s wrapped in three different papers, a washcloth, a leftover picture after his mom’s scrapbooking, tied with a bowtie made from the wrapping paper roll. That’s my husband for you. I tear open all this wrapping. A GPS system. (I get lost all the time.) At least the box for a GPS system. Where is it? I ask. Already in your car, he answers. Let’s go play with it. The crew runs out the door while I fumble with my shoes. Wait! I cry. It’s mine! I get to play with it first! I run out the door. Right in front of the house is a black Sonata with a red ribbon. Just like the movies. My mouth gapes like a baby bird waiting for his worm (and, might I add, like my niece, Cadie, whenever she’s in a 2 mile radius of food). I cry.
I’ve never had a brand new car.
And there inside is my GPS system.
I’m completely spoiled.
Oh, and my GPS system talks. You can set it to speak with a British accent. Love it.
It makes me sad that some people, when you ask about their holidays, they just say, “I got through it.” I don’t want to let go. And there were hard things about this Christmas, one of which being the fact that because it was the turn Chris’ side of the family, I missed out on my family’s Christmas traditions, even though my side was able to come up here for Christmas.
I love Christmas. And I love my life. I hate saying goodbye.


Mirtika said...

I was kinda bummed. I really missed my parents this year. Spent a couple of weepy days this week.

Hubby got a new car, too. A sort of Xmas gift. :)

I need a new one, but mine will have to wait. :(

Enjoy the new car, new GPS, family.

Mir<--who thinks Christmasse won't ever be the same sans Mom and Pops.

Michelle Pendergrass said...

What a wonderful Christmas!!

I can see you with your eyes bugged out and mouth wide open. :)

Willowtree said...

If you ever get tired of your husband, I'll take him. I'm not gay but I'd work something out.

Pamela said...

hells bells! I would have cried over the GPS System.

To have it wrapped with a black Sonata is about as wild as a present can get.

I thought that only happened in commercials.

So - I suppose you're sleeping with Santa.

Jennifer said...

Love this post Heather. . . . Congrats on the car. Sounds like hubby did good!

Erin said...
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Erin said...

Whoa. First comment went haywire.

Please tell me they took pictures!
Better yet, VIDEO!!
I'd love to see that.

I've been wanting a GPS toy for several years now. Have you heard of geocaching? It's kind of like a giant scavenger hunt in which someone hides something somewhere and then logs onto a geocaching website to record the cache's GPS coordinates. Players then get those coordinates and go hunting for the whatever-it-is.

Once they find it, there's usually a log book to sign and sometimes an informal trinket swap. A rubber Spiderman toy in exchange for a Milky Way bar. That sort of thing.

I've heard of people hiding money in some very obscure caches, with a note that the first person to happen upon the cache is the one who gets the dough.

I know how you love games, and there are definitely some good blogging tales to be made with a GPS.;)
What fun to get a GPS with wheels, a CD player, AND air conditioning! Lucky Girl.

Stephanie said...

Feel the LOVE, Baby!!!

Happy New Year!!!

(Hey, can I send my husband over to yours to get a few lessons? I won't arm-wrestle Willowtree for him or anything, I just want to spiff up my own a bit!)

L.L. Barkat said...

Sorry you are sad...

Robin said...

WT can make me laugh just about wherever I see him pop up....like now :D.

Your grandmother sounds lovely, and I think a legacy of generosity is wonderful (I think you might have the gene, too).

It's nice to receive GIFTS from people who know you so well! Sounds like you have a good number of LISTENERS in your sphere. I think your blogger pals might've made some of the same choices they did;).

And I have to add, why does the fact you speak with a British accent to your GPS not surprise me in the least???

I thought of you New Year's Eve...Tad snapped a picture of me with two of our friends--FROM BEHIND! Love it when bloggerpals and friends IRL have some sort of connection.

Happy New Year, Heather....l'chaim!

Dineen A. Miller said...

ROTFL!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets lost all the time. Congrats on the car! What a nice hubby you have.

And yes, I totally get those post-Christmas blues. I prepare for them now. Sometimes it helps. :-)