30 March 2007

Picture Perfect

Okay, so how often do I post pictures? Usually, I'm too lazy, so savor the moment. I went to the Dallas Arboretum for their Spring Blooms with a writer, Jeanne (who is an amazing writer - her posts at The Master's Artist often lead me to both prayer and laughter - and an even more amazing person). So here are some of my fave pics:

I love reds and oranges. They make me want to dance.

Did I mention that I love oranges?

This tree tells stories of lauging children and lovers and love lost and death and fairies.

Okay, so this one is actually my daffodils from my backyard. I'm so proud. The tulips are in front. I was too lazy to walk around.
And now I know why I don't do more pics. This was a nightmare!!!


Robin said...

Cute...you're hearing trees talking :) (but, what a lovely characterization of what you heard!).

N i c e pictures, Heather...it really does get easier :). Love the orange impatiens, too! And the tulips...and daffodils...

Robin said...

Dang.....back to housework :/. Thanks for the distraction!

Pamela said...

love the impatients.... they grow so well in the shade all summer long.

a story tree. That must be fodder for a novel you are working on????