13 March 2007

Reading, Writing, and 'Rythmatic

I lied. No arythmatic.

First off, Chris. I’ve been waiting for Infuze magazine to announce their winners. They haven’t, but it looks like (I hope I’m not doing anything bad here) that my friend Chris (not my husband Chris, for clarification), a fellow Misfit Writer (our critique group) won 2nd place in an Infuze contest. You can read his poem here.

Second off, Mir. She won a short story contest at The Sword Review. Now, I have to admit, except for a sprinkle of L’Engle here and a dash of Narnia there, I didn’t grow up Sci-Fi and Fantasy Free, but so many of my writer friends have opened my eyes to the fun in it. That and my hubby loves to watch Star Trek Enterprise. Don’t tell him I admitted this, but it’s not so bad, although I'm not to the point where I would watch it without him, and I can still leave mid-show without worrying about what happens. But back to Mir, you can read her story here.

And finally, Ulysses. Oy vey. At page 238, and only 1/3 of the way through, I’m putting it down, whether for permanently or temporarily, I don’t know. I’ve learned several lessons: writing how people think (stream of consciousness), connecting threads (connecting people by the little things going around town, like the sandwich board men or the same beggar), the everyman, everyday story of The Odyssey (like seeing the sacraments in daily life), and some other things I can’t remember now (some learning!).
So this weekend I read Life of Pi. Loved it. Great story, great metaphors for life, and great philosophy. If you haven’t read it (although I think I’m the last on the chain to read this), I recommend it. Today I'm picking up Arlington Park, although I may spend some time on that theology book first, seeing as how it's been hanging around for a while.

Oh, wait. Sorry, last bit was not so finally. I’ve started going to this writer’s group that meets once a month in Rockwall, TX (a bit of a drive for me and fighting all that traffic – I told them last week that it’s a good thing I’m not Arminian cuz I would lose my salvation every time I drove there). Great group and great critiques. My point in telling you this: if you live in the Dallas area, check out their site.

Okay, I've officially put in more hyperlinks in this post then ever before. Can I have a lollipop?


Jennifer Tiszai said...

I just finished Life of Pi too. I thought it was a great book. And an interesting study of craft and breaking rules.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I'll have to read Life of Pi. Never worry about being "last" as long as you have me as a reader. I don't usually stay very current.

L.L. Barkat said...

Are Calvinists allowed to eat lollipops?

wolfbaby said...

*hands over a lollipop*

wow sounds like things have been busy. Thanks for the links to read I will work through them today. I have never been to a writting group before is it fun? do you think it helps you?

Robin said...

What about suckers ;).

Mirtika said...

Aw, thanks for the story linkage.

Life of Pi--I've had that on my shelf for what, two years?

I get really, really behind on my reading, and piles and piles of books stare at me with pleading eyes.


Heather said...

WB - I'm in two writing groups - the one that meets physically once a month and another one online. Both help me immeasurably. I've learned almost as much from them as I have from reading, reading, reading.
Mir - I know the feeling. I've stopped shelving my books before reading them so that I don't lose track. Well, that and I have no shelf space left.
LL - I wouldn't call myself a Calvinist either (although I'm closer to Calvinism than Arminianism). Figure that one out.