02 November 2007

Crazy Creative Cleverness

For the weekend, I'll leave you with what's inspiring me these days, living-, writing-, and laughing-wise...

  1. Sweeney Todd music: are you surprised? I'm gearing for the movie release in December and the musical coming to Dallas in January (hint, hint, Chris). The music is complex in its themes and its revelation of relationships through the characters' interaction in song, their harmony and disharmony. The story (and when the movie comes out, I'll do one of my movie and theology posts, which I haven't done in a while) is about a villian, who we all know is the hero of his own story. But this villian, a barber who goes on a murderous rampage, generates compassion when you find out his story, and you wonder, is he really the villian or the hero (or anti-hero)? And it's an excellent commentary on life and the detachment that's been going on since the Industrial Revolution (and dare I say Internet Revolution?). And if you don't laugh at "Try a Little Priest," then there's something wrong with you. Okay, enough about that one.

  2. Pushing Daisies, the TV show. Have you seen this one? It's different from anything I've seen. I love the characters, the humor, and the color. I mean literally the color. Bright, vivid, and hopeful, as are the characters, come to think about it. Excellent writing.

  3. The Memory Keeper's Daughter, my current read.

  4. Lush writing. After The Road, which was minimalistic, the words and sentences feel like a feast on which to gorge myself. I love words. Okay, so no laughs here. But good story thus far. Good complicated characters. I love Caroline. And Al. I love Al.

  5. My Mardi Gras yarn. That's not the technical name, but it's what I'm calling it because of the colors and the flashy gold weaved throughout. It's rich in texture with several strands weaved throughout--furry, glittery, and colorful. It inspired to make my own yarn. No, not by shearing sheep or picking cotton, but by buying different supplies--thin cotton thread which I'll knot like those 80s friendship bracelets with beads, furry "Elf Eyelash" yarn, and a strand of thin, gold, ribbon. Knotting the cotton and tying in the beads will take a long time since I have to do this with very, very long strands. I won't get started for a month or so because of some other Christmas knitting projects I need to do first. A secret dream--that I'll be able to someday sell these crazy, off-beat, gypsy scarves and wraps. I have a lot to learn. After I learn more about knitting, I'd like to take on embroidery. Hobby Lobby has these great embroidery patterns: Moroccan, modern, Indian. Love them. Someday, I'll put them on my jeans and then I'll start putting them on my crazy scarves and wraps. But that's a long time from now.
  6. "The Velveteen Rabbit": how egotistical is it to say that your own writing inspires you and makes you laugh? This is a short story I wrote and am revising to submit to journals (it's a quirky piece written in 1st person--any journal suggestions?), and I can't help but like it. I think, personally, it's one of my best short stories, not that I've written many of them, but this one does something unusual, and I let the stream of consciousness flow. Yes, yes, I crack myself up.
    Oh, and because of this story (not my story but the children's book, which, if you ask me, is traumatic), I've never been able to get rid of any stuffed animals, and trust me, there have been lots. Finally, I gave away a garbage bag or two to charity hoping another child could love them. But Big Foot, who's been a close friend since before I was born, he stays with me.

I'll leave you with those five. What's inspiring you these days?


Real Live Preacher said...

I'm pretty inspired by the look of Pushing Daisies. All of it - what an innovative kind of look. I'll have to check one out.

Erin said...

I caught one episode of Pushing Daisies and loved it! I loved that the characters interacted with ME (via the camera) and that they spontaneously broke into songs from Grease. I liked that some of them wore ridiculous dandelion puffs as head pieces. (The one thing I didn't like was the cleavage factor. It seemed to be everywhere and my husband would've been, well, distracted. Why dilute good plot, dialog and characters with so many mammary glands?)

I'm pretty inspired by fabrics and yarn too. And music. Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Life House, David Crowder and Jennifer Knapp as of late.

I also find my missionary-to-Africa friends pretty inspiring. They've not had an easy go of things, are quite short on finances, and yet they have no doubt- NO DOUBT- that they are in the center of God's will. To view one's life through a lens of something other than personal comfort and and ease is something to aspire to.

Also inspired by the blogs I read, since I'm not in the habit of writing in my own these days.

I think Heather Goodman's enthusiasm for life is pretty darn inspiring. L'Chaim!

Mirtika said...

Pushing Daisies is my favorite of the new shows. It has an Amelie vibe--the romance, the interconnections, the humor, the colors, the whimsy and charm, the eccentrics. And Chuck has gotten to wear some very cool retro girly outfits. I get a craving for pie every dang week from that show.

It's also fantasy, which is my genre of preference.

I've also been enjoying LIFE, because the main character is interesting in his reactions (not always predictable).


Heather said...

Thanks, Erin!
Mir, I'll have to check out LIFE.
Also, I saw Bread and Tulips this weekend: another colorful, Amelie type that makes you want to love life.