01 November 2007

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Remember that diatribe I wrote last Friday? Well, the Napoleon Dynamite gods decided to exact their revenge.
After a lovely weekend of camping, where the only chirping was that of birds rather than phones, where blinking was at the awe and majesty of creation and the Creator God, not computer screens. It was beautiful.
Then we came home.
And I needed my Internet.
But I had no Internet. Nor did we have TV.
Verizon equipment had gone kaput.
Did I rejoice and embrace this as an extended vacation, as an opportunity to write senza interruption? Oh, no. Figuring out the problem was a faulty router, not the lines coming into the house, I rerouted and rewired and risked electrocution (so that last one may be a bit of an exaggeration) to continue streaming cable until a new router box could be sent. I had to work in the living room, the room with the working hard line of Internet.
We now have a new router. And after some fighting, arguing, reasoning, and finally pleading, it began to work. I'm back in my office, which I cleaned and fancied up with pictures, getting my Internet wireless.
"Yes, I love technology."
It made me consider: would I, could I give it up? To live a life of handwritten first drafts and not being able to speak to my best friend a thousand miles away and to spend my mornings gardening instead of blogging?
To be honest, I just don't know.
I think I do love technology. As long as it's not in my way.


Mark Goodyear said...

I would not give it up unless I had to for some trade off purposes.

I was an exchange student in Germany pre-Internet. Pre global phone networks.

That meant I only got to talk to my parents on the phone for 30 minutes per month.

Letters took 2 weeks to arrive. That meant if I asked a question, it took 4 weeks to get a response. Or I could squeeze it into my 30 minute phone call.

I much prefer being able to email my German friends back and forth instantaneously.

Jenny said...

I would I could rest in a chair
I would I could without a care

I would I could read a good book
I would I could take another look

I would I could go walk outside
I would I could I have my pride

I'm not addicted to the net
I just can't live without it yet :-)