14 July 2006

Running Music

So here is my grand thesis for today: there is music that is more or less appropriate for running. Example: if you see me running a good pace but with my ipod thrust to my mouth as a microphone or my arms propelled high and wide in the finishing act on center stage, then you know that I am listening (and singing) to Creed, U2, or a Broadway favorite. If you see me enjoying a leisurely jog with a relaxed smile, I have Jack Johnson or Ben Harper playing, perhaps Jimmy Buffett. Johnson’s chorus, “Slow down, everyone, you’re movin’ too fast” is particularly difficult to run to.
When I was a little girl, my mom always knew if I was “hustling” or “lolly-gagging around.” I thought it was due to the back of the head eyes phenomenon. Many years later, she revealed that she knew how fast I was moving based on the song I was singing.
There you have it folks, music moves at the pace of life, or, maybe, life moves at the pace of your selected music.

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San said...

I love this! I so identified. My mom told me she could tell my mood by whether I pounded the piano keys or flitted over them.