04 July 2006

Taste and See that the Lord is Good

I love food. Much of my day is spent dreaming of my next meal. I only get out of bed in the morning (besides my husband cruelly flipping on the light) for the coffee (or, as J.S. Back terms it, the nectar of the gods). Around 10:00, I start planning lunch. Afternoon projects are completed with the reward of tea time (and biscotti, if I’m lucky). Dinner, well, dinner is craved days ahead.
I hate shopping. I walk into a mall and am instantly exhausted. With some very important exceptions: books, music, and Whole Foods. Mind you, it cannot be any grocery store. Tom Thumb is the just a quick stop for the forgotten milk. Albertsons is completely out of the question – a desperate times call for desperate measures store. But Whole Foods. That is my I’ve been in a down mood and need a pick me up shop. While other stores I enter only with an army plan, including an escape route, I wander down the aisles of Whole Foods like a lover lingers down his wife’s curves. I love food.
So I love that the Bible gives us hope in food. I love that God created Adam and Eve to beseech the juice of the nectarine to explode inside their mouth: we don’t just take pills to nutriate our bodies. I love that many of the Jewish celebrations revolve around feasts – the Passover feast, the feast of Purim, the feast of Tabernacles. I love that the imagery of the Promised Land and Messiah’s rule is the free-flow of wine and honey and milk. Jesus’ first miracle in the book of John is turning water into wine: the Messiah is here to establish His kingdom! I love that we look toward the wedding feast in the New Jerusalem when heaven finally fully meets earth and grace and justice culminate.
Cheers and Good Eats!


J Hearne said...

Very nice. Whole Foods is a great store and one that I like to wander in.

One of the best parts is going when they have the free samples (especially the cheeses).

tranthegirl said...

Hahha, yay for bigger fonts!