23 August 2006

Another Meme

I was tagged by Jennifer over at Snapshot, so here goes.
Five things in my freezer:
Vanilla bean ice cream
Mint chocolate chip ice cream (it’s important to keep a variety)
Frozen strawberries
Spinach pops (my uncle’s standard answer to, “What’s for dessert?” Okay, so maybe I don’t have spinach pops, but I do have frozen spinach)
Ice trays

Five things in my closet:
My last husband’s body in a bag (man, did he get on my nerves…just kidding)
clothes that should have been given to Good Will four years ago
thread and needle kit (gathering dust)
My fancy wrap from Spain

Five things in my car:
used tissues
unused tissues
dirt (who actually has time to clean their car?)
steering wheel

Five things in my purse:
my Nancy Drew notepad (you never know when you might stumble on a mystery)
flask (useful when waiting in lines or at the railroad crossing while the longest train in history passes by at the high speed of .03 mph…kidding, kidding, don’t pull me over, officer)


Jennifer said...

Very funny. If I ever happen by your house, I'll raid the freezer, but stay out of your closet.

Robin said...

Help me with the beeswax....

Heather said...

beeswax for my lips - Burl's (I think that's the brand)

Erin said...

Oooo, a Nancy Drew notepad! My kid would flip for that!

J Hearne said...

It's Burt's, I think.

It's manufactured down here in Durham.