12 July 2007

The Gift That Never Was

My sweet blogging friend, Pam, sent me wine and chocolate, my two favorite things, just for being persistent (and runner-up) in a competition she had. Unfortunately, FedEx attempted to deliver the box while I was at the hospital with my dad. I left notes with my signature - unacceptable. They needed a sig in person. I stalled going back to the hospital. Missed them. I left a note asking if my neighbor could sign for it when they said they'd try one more time. I don't think they tried one more time because they didn't leave a "final attempt" note. I let them know I'd be gone a week, could they hold it? I get back, and it returned to sender. A curse on FedEx's house.
So, thanks, Pam, for my gift. Next time I drink wine, I'll toast to you. Next time I eat chocolate, I'll pretend it was from you.


Robin said...

But, it's the thought...right? And it's a beautiful thought, right again?

But, curses on FedEx! Smack smack!

Dang...I missed a contest at Pamela's? Bummer.

Send me your address...I'm gonna mail out prizes soon, and it'll be USPS so it'll get to you........eventually ;).

Heather said...

Mail out prizes? What prizes? Not that I'll reject any present sent to me!

Michelle Pendergrass said...

She gets prizes? Whaddabout me?

willowtree said...

That's too bad. But on the up side, those are two of the most effective migraine triggers known to mankind. So you may have been spared.

It could have been worse, you could have won one of my contests and actually got the prize!

Robin said...

Hey Michelle, send me your address, too, I'll send you prizes.

I kind of had a pretend contest while I was supposed to be not blogging while at the beach (my favorite comment(s) were supposed to win prizes). As it turns out, the first two days were wash outs, I found wifi and I wasn't so silent. Scroll down til last week, you need to see my gator post anyway...it was too dang cool!

Pamela said...

oh.. but it was white wine. and dark chocolate

less likely to trigger migraine.


I'm sure the chocolate is now a puddle bwahhhahahhahaha.

I haven't gotten a call telling me it's back.

laurie said...

my husband signed me up for the wine of the month club a few years back and we learned that hard way that in minnesota you have to be home when the package arrives because it contains alcohol. strict laws--can't leave it in case UNDERAGE DRINKERS find the package, open it, get drunk, etc.

so after two months of so we canceled. we're never home when fed ex brings pacakges because, well, we're at work.

though i guess another option would be to quit our jobs and just drink all day.

Heather said...

laurie, would that latter option be so bad?
pam, the darker the chocolate, the better, IMO.

L.L. Barkat said...

Argh! The pleasure gods were against you this time 'round!