03 January 2008

The Cleaning Fairy

The cleaning fairy missed my house.
I thought I had scheduled her for after our New Year's shindig. It's the busy season for them, so you have to call in advance. And being the considerate person I am, I even put away the leftover food before going to bed after the party.
But two days later, and no fairy.
Coffee cups and punch glasses and wine goblets and plates and trays litter my kitchen counters and my table.
Where have all the fairies gone?


Erin said...

I think all the fairies came and partied at MY house. And gee whiz, they're messy!!
I sure wish they'd clean up after themselves. This place is a pig sty.

L.L. Barkat said...

Well, I can tell you where they haven't gone. (Here!)

Pamela said...

iced wings.

Megan DiMaria said...

You need fairies? No problem. I have them on an email list. I send a mass mailing when I need some to help me out.

Believe it or not, I am a fairy herder in my day job.

Just so you know, they're not that easy to deal with. They're a bit competitive and require a lot of attention when they're supposed to be doing a task.

IMHO, just clean up after yourself. In the long run, you'll save yourself a lot of aggrivation. Trust me.

A prisoner of hope,

Jenny said...

Uh, Megan? It's getting desperate around here. Maybe you could send a couple of them my way? I might be able to handle a small number and force them into slave labor. Yeah, like I said, it's getting desperate around here

Claudia said...

Yes, she skips my house often. I've even promised chocolate and goodies, but to no avail. sigh.

HighCallingBlogs.com said...

Wow, where do I make appointments with these cleaning fairies? Being fairies, I expect they don't hold to regular schedules. Do you suppose leaving out pixie stix and lemon drops might induce them to come?


Real Live Preacher said...

Oops, that last one was from me.