07 January 2008


I don't know if you guys have been following the news of what's going on in Kenya the past week or so, but things have gotten bad. You'd think we were watching footage from Rwanda or Sudan.
The story has gotten lost in the U.S. due to the Iowa caucus and some woman getting stuck in an elevator for a day or two, but it's a serious situation. Kenya has been peaceful for about 30 years, so the reactions to the latest elections has come as a shock. The U.S. news is downplaying it. My blogging friend, Heather Jamison, a missionary in Kenya, has uploaded a video montage of what's going on. Also, to read her perspective on it, visit her blog or read her thoughts here.

In lesser news, my new blog/website is almost ready! I'm working on it today, so expect news tomorrow that I have a new home! (Sorry, I know this means updating Blog Readers, but it'll be worth it!)

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Claudia said...

You know, it really is a shame. If only they could get beyond the tribal discriminations and see themselves as one.