04 January 2008

This Year's Theme Song

If you recall, last year, my theme song was Jamie Cullum's Twentysomething. I turned thirty during the year and was enjoying my last moments footloose and fancy free.
Now is my first full year (or should I say fool year?) as a thirty-something. You know, it's not as bad as I thought it'd be, although my husband, Chris, has this notion that now that I'm thirty, I'll grow up.
Joke's on him.
But the new year has begun. It's 2008, and besides resolutions and prayers, I need my theme song of the year. The year before last year was La Vie Boheme from Rent.
It would probably be inappopropriate to choose a song from Sweeney Todd.
So I need some suggestions.
My favorite type of music: Broadway, jazz, crooners (i.e. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin), Brit Rock, Oldies, U2 (yes, I just gave them their own classification).
So what do you guys think?
Oh, on being thirty--I've noticed all of the sudden that my hands look like my Grandmother's. That's okay. My grandmother had the softest hands. My mom does too.
Update: Just heard the song "Born in the 70s" by Ed Harcourt. Good possibility. Except for its reference to the land eel. And in some version there's a last line I don't like.


Pamela said...

If I was choosing a theme song about 30 mine would be "long ago, and oh so far away"

Jenny said...

What about "The BEst is Yet to Come"? I've got Michael Bublé's version and really like it. Besides, the 30's are great and only overshadowed by the wonder of the 40's :-) Enjoy!

Heather Diane Tipton said...

U2, huh? I should tell you what I bought last week...

Mandi said...

The Beatles did it best... "Let it be". :-)

Claudia said...

One of my favorite songs from the 70s- Born to Be Alive by Patrick Hernandez!!
some others that have served me in the past...
I'm Free by the Soup Dragons
I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross (ooh, this is good for 30!!)

hmm...I'm sure there are others but it's been a long long day of travel!!