30 January 2007

Things that make you go "hmmm"

I had a funny blog for you. It came to me some time yesterday evening. Oh, how it will make them laugh, I thought. Shall I write it down? No. This one, I’ll remember.
And then it left not more than a half hour later. I traced every detail of the past week, every conversation, in hopes of recalling the antidote. Nothing. I’m beginning to buy into Stephen Hawking’s black holes in the brain, the miniscule ones that eat up your memory. In bed last night, I thought and I thought and I thought. And again this morning, just before falling asleep between snoozes, I thought and I thought and I thought. I’m turning into a veritable Dr. Seuss character. But you see how dedicated to you I am.
I need to tell you something other than I was going to tell you something.
How about two high school classmates of mine? I haven’t thought about them since high school. Khalid and Waleed. It never occurred to me in school that they were from the middle east, but thinking back, they must have been. I have no idea as to their religion. If they were Muslim, they weren’t the denomination that took out their mats and prayed five times a day. Nobody took notice of those things back then (as if back then was so far away. Can I say back in the day?) In fact, the only thing foreign about them was how they took their studies seriously. Well, that and the way some of the boys in class pronounced Waleed’s name as if it had an interminable number of e’s. So why mention them now? I don’t know. I just began The Kite Runner, and it made think of them. I wonder if they’ve gone through hard times because of the current politics.
B-de, b-de, b-de, that’s all folks.


L.L. Barkat said...

It is so nice to see how dedicated you are! And when you find the antidote for the black-hole-brain anecdote eating, do let me know. I know, um, someone who could use it.

Erin said...

I like that song.
I like Dr. Seuss.
I liked The Kite Runner.
I like to laugh.
I want to hear your funny story.
I think you should remember it.

Heather said...

antidote, oh dear. i must have spelled antecdote wrong and my spell check "corrected" me.
oy vey.

Pete G said...

You're finally getting to books I've actually read, Heather. Kite Runner was one of the best books I read last year, and Nick Hornby has been one of my favorite authors for awhile. Looking forward to your review of Kite Runner.

gretalynn said...

The only thing close we had to muslim in our high school was a guy from a "Nation of Islam" family. His name was Wali Mohammed. It cracked me up that when his first name was last, he was "Mohammed Wali." Great kid, though, but lost as your funny story!

Pamela said...

Someone is going to have to fit you with a notepad and pencil that hangs from your neck.

You can't leave us wondering........

Robin said...

Nice Elmer Fudd imitation, I woulda never pegged you a mimic ;).

And I HATE IT when "that" happens. Sometimes my "best" thoughts are when I wake up at 3 in the morning and think, "now THAT'S some great material", only to have lost it the next day....:/.

Hope you recall it whenever, however.

Kite Runner's on my "list"...it's a mile long :/. But everyone I know who's read it, tells me I MUST.

BTW, I voted for you in Sharing the Love stuff...you're one of my favoritest peeps in the world, even though I'm not "here" right away every time you write. As I've told ya, I have to have TIME (and focus) for a Heather post. :) That's a compliment!