01 February 2007

My two favorite places to write

Writing in the shower and jogging. I come up with my best dialogue while jogging, which means I have to repeat the whole conversation over and over and over again (while singing to the music coming in my earphones) until I get home. Talk about your multi-tasking. Yesterday I wrote a whole flash fiction piece in the shower. Granted, ff is only 500 words, but still. I think it’s my best one yet. Best out of a whopping three. No, four. This makes my fourth. But one of them I really hate, so let’s not count that one. So we’re back to three. And best doesn’t mean much. For some reason I feel the need to conquer this ff thing, but I put too much in them, which means in the end, there’s not enough in them. Hey, it makes sense to me.
Maybe it’s a vacation from sitting. Maybe it’s something breaking across my face, namely wind or water. Who knows?
But with the weather, I’ve been jump roping inside rather than jogging (thanks to Jeanne), which is all great and fun, but I admit, I do so in front of the TV. Ach. That’s the bad thing about DVR: there’s always something to watch. While in front of the TV, my mind is not exactly creating dazzling conversation, now, is it? You know, maybe that’s why I keep hitting these writing lags.


L.L. Barkat said...

I wonder if jumping to music would be more creativity-inducing. I, too, write a lot when I exercise. It's a good mind-wandering time.

Liked this post. Funny.

Madison Richards said...

It is true that some of the best inspiration comes at the most mundane times. Maybe Brother Lawrence was right. For example, I get tons of good inspiration while ironing...

I think I need to start exercising more... ~smile~

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Well, they do make these tables that you can use for writing in the shower. I've thought about getting one of those.

And you could get a digital recorder so you don't have to keep repeating the dialogue in your head.

Or not.

I have a hard time composing anything in my head. I have to have my hands involved somehow.

Pamela said...

If I jumped roped I would get black eyes.

Beyond Words said...

Thanks for reminding me...I have to write a ff piece for my Writers Group--it's due Monday. 250 words max, and the prompt is"In the trunk there were three bottles."

I like these posts, Heather. Nice writing.

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Pamela, I understand and sympathize.

Heather said...

Oh, Pam and Mich, you wouldn't believe how tricky it gets sometimes. If I wear sneakers, I trip. If I'm barefoot, the rope catches between my toes (still haven't figured out that one). So I have to wear just socks. If I look the wrong direction or change where I'm looking too quickly, the rope (not me, notice) does some quirky thing. I don't think I can do the writing and jump roping thing quite yet.
But I'm getting better. If I think about it like I'm dancing with the jump rope, then I'm fine.

Jeanne Damoff said...

How are the calves? ;)

I overcome lots of writing obstacles while jumping rope. (I don't listen to music or watch tv.) As I noted before, I think it's the rush of oxygen to the brain. But, as Madison said, I also meander in my story world while doing mundane things, like washing the dishes. This is only embarrassing if I bust out laughing for no apparent reason. The funny thing is, my husband doesn't even ask any more. He's used to me living in my head.

Jen, I can't imagine a table for writing in the shower, but I laugh just picturing myself trying to write with water and shampoo running in my eyes. I think I'll stick with dry-weather writing. :)

Victor said...

I also find that I have really good ideas in the shower. Wonder why that is.

You should post your flash fiction. I'd be interested in reading it.