08 June 2007

My Own Arboretum

This is what I've been up to, why I never even signed onto the internet yesterday (shocking).
I love flowers, but I've never been a gardener because (1) I don't know what I'm doing, and (2) good golly, Miss Molly, it's a ton of work! So my parents were in town yesterday, and I confiscated my mom and put her to work. We hauled 10 40 lb top soil bags, 3 garden soil bags (twice the size of above), 3 bags of mulch (same size as the latter mentioned), and 1 bag of potting soil. Not to mention those bricks. I'm a little sore, although not as much as I expected.
So what you see here was 24 hrs ago a slab of dirt with bits of grass here and there (that we dug up in hopes they'd reroot somewhere else). And now we have, ladies and gentleman, what is often referrred to as "curb appeal." If you look to the left, you can find a ladybug my niece painted for me.
This other shot is my front door, where now impatiens greet you (and tell you to hurry up and get in all ready and close the door behind you, where you born in a barn?).
I've always loved our backyard with the firebowl and tiki torches and aloe and basil and rosemary and the beginnings of an avocado tree and the even beginningser of a lime (or lemon, who can tell?) tree. And our patio where I often sit and type (and swat the flies). Now I love our front yard too!
Oh, and Erin, we planned on doing the newspaper/cardboard plan, but we forgot to buy newspaper and after one trip to WalMart, one to Sam's, and two to Lowe's (and the second trip consisting of two buys when we remembered something else we needed after unloading flowers into the truck), I could have cared less about the newspaper. I'm sure I'll regret it later!


Erin said...

Beginningser is a delicious word. :)

I just finished layout out my cardboard lasagna garden yesterday. And it's a dern good thing too, it feels like TEXAS here today! 101 degrees and rising. Boy howdy, that well water feels good on a day like today.

Your mini arboretum looks lovely. And your galvanized bucket of impatiens is a refreshing welcome too. So nice to have a splash of color greeting guests and UPS men as they approach. They probably don't even mind the nagging about leaving the door open. ;)
I'd like to come visit you in your garden oasis. Let's set a date.

Oh, how's the composter working out for you?

Erin said...

Laying out.
I was laying out my lasagna garden.

And I must've gotten heat stroke because now I can't type.

willowtree said...

I'm not a gardener either, for both of your reasons. I wish my mother was still alive, she loved that sort of thing, and I'd con her into doing it too.

That's a very good start Heather.

San said...

As Eliza D would say, "It's loverly."

Elaina said...

Pretty, Heath! I've been doing some gardening of my own. Even planted flowers at work today. Yes...at work. Flowers on a Marine Corps base...in pretty pots too. :)

Very nice!

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Love it! I absolutely love to garden, haven't had as much time this year as I'd like, but we still did a good bit of planting recently.

I need more mulch. You'll see when you get here. Or maybe I'll post pictures of the weeds. LOL

Pamela said...

ooo's and aaaaaawww's. nice.

Heather said...

Thank you all for the compliments. I'll pass them on to my mother, who was the architect of the project. This far, I've been good at watering it and showing it off to friends and going outside to admire it and stare at the pretty flowers.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

It looks great! I am not a gardener either, but I wish I loved doing that sort of thing.