15 June 2007

Why we vote:

Fred Thompson: because I played one on TV

Hillary Clinton: because my husband did it, and anything he can do, I can do better

Obama: because Oprah said I could

Mitt Romney: because I ran a business or two, what's the diff?

Guliani: because we need a hero and didn't anyone see 9/11?


Willowtree said...

Well there ya go, if you ever needed a reason, there's a whole bunch. I vote because it's illegal not to, but that doesn't mean I'm not politically aware.

Pamela said...

There's a few other high plains drifters out there

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Maybe there is a play in that!! I'm intrigued that you are a playwright! So few women do that and I've always wondered about how to construct a drama - it seems harder somehow than other writing.

Heather said...

and if al gore runs: because i invented the internet and made a chic documentary.

Erin said...

We just visited Washington DC last week with some friends. A row of porta-potties on The Mall were "hosted" by some group fighting for or against some very important issue. I'm sure.
Each porta-potty had a name plate of some black-listed politician. So you could choose who you were going to "honor" in your time of need.

Election seasons in this part of the country are a little looney.

Heather said...

Erin, that certainly is an interesting way to vote.

Robin said...


I thought of one for John Edwards, but it was just too tasteless. Funny, but tasteless.