08 August 2007

Welcome, Higher Calling


It's official. I'm joining the Higher Calling Blog Network. For those of you following my blog already, no worries. Nothing will change. But you might want to hop on over to their reader and see what the fuss is about. It came from The High Calling zine, which is dedicated to folks who see their job and life as their ministry.

That being said, what does this mean for me? Does this mean I feel these pressures to write dynamic posts that wow the public? Of course. Love me, love me. Throw flowers at the stage. (No, sir, I said flowers, not tomatoes. Please put the tomato down.) Does this mean that I have to cut out the silly and lighthearted? That I can't tell you that at this very instant I'm writing this post with an English accent (more of a Julie Andrews proper than Jason Statham street)? Higher Calling is about work and God and theology, isn't it? Does that mean no more stories about my charred dinners?

I don't believe so, no. It all flows together, now, doesn't it? My work of teaching piano and flute lessons, writing, and speaking and my life of laughing and crying and the whole bit. (Take it from someone who was found to randomly break out into song and dance - yes, dance too - at the office. Known for it, actually.) It's all seamless like a fine cloth. I don't mean that you go to work in your pajamas (unless you telecommute or model for JCPenny's catalog) or that you chat with your girlfriends on Tuesday night about profit margins. Well, you might. But what I mean is that it is all to glorify God, and it is all infused with loving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind and loving your neighbor as yourself.

Now, personally, as a writer, I don't always know where the pen stops and life starts. It's all one and the same. I see something, such as the Porta Potty company named Oui Oui Enterprises and think, now wouldn't Marnie laugh at that. Or see a lonely child and wonder how Itzel would love her. My characters inspire me, and sometimes I think, shouldn't it be the other way around? When I write a post, it's just preparatory for writing about Marnie, who hasn't figured out if she's poking fun at life or if life's poking fun at her.

So lift a glass with me (Shiraz, coffee, chocolate milk, or otherwise). Here's to silliness and laughter and tears and burnt dinners and philosophizing and theologizing and to friends, because the friends I've made this past year in the blogging world have pleasantly surprised me.


laurie said...

congratulations! i look forward to this.

and you can lob a tomato in my direction any time.

(mine are taking forever to ripen.)

Danica/Dream said...

Very fun!

I like the porta potty company!

Willowtree said...

Why should you need to lose the wit? After all God must have had a pretty good sense of humour, he made the platypus didn't he, and that's pretty funny.

Heather said...

oh, wt, no worries. i can't take the sarcasm out of me any more than i can take out my spleen. oh, wait. nor can i take it out of my writing.
and i've always felt sorry for the poor platypus.

Pamela said...

I think sometimes I hear angels laughing..................

Christianne said...

This is great, Heather! I'm glad you're not feeling the need to change who you are in this space. Others will benefit from knowing you here, just as you are!

tranthegirl said...

I raise up my mug of green tea at work.
Yes, yes, life & theology intertwined... and I'll throw a crumbled ball of paper at anyone who says otherwise.

Real Live Preacher said...

Hey there,

I'm following the blogs in this new network, and I'm looking forward to getting to know yours. Yeah, I pray you don't change a thing.

Mark Goodyear said...

Definitely don't change! You wrote, "Does that mean no more stories about my charred dinners?"

That's it perfectly. It isn't so much that God isn't holy. We're not suggesting we should approach him frivolously. But we do think our whole lives should glorify him.

Here's the thing. Your post made me smile. And it was a pure smile, not depending on derision or condescension. You are just joyfully and confidently yourself... to the glory of God.

Robin said...

Heather, it sounds like a fun exploration. It'll be interesting to see (read) how your writing evolves through your association.

RLP has been a favorite read of mine, but like all my favorites...well...blogging in general has slowed as you know. I guess if you've read him (and I haven't read any of the others in the network with regularity), you'll realize your approach to writing is perfect! He's as real as you can get!

Congratulations :).