14 August 2007

Yay x 3

1. I'm going to Jersey! My mom and I decided to go the last week of September to visit relatives. We'll see the ocean (YAY!--although by that time, it will be much too cold to swim or don bathing suit even, though I will most likely venture a toe in until I can't feel it any longer) and eat. I'm already planning our menu. Hoagies, cheesesteaks, Italian water ice (pronounce wooter ice), panzarottis, more hoagies, Kohr Brother's frozen custard. Oh, my, the things we'll eat. Oh, and the family we'll see. Of course.
2. The braised short ribs on my second try were the delectable comestibles I imagined them to be. Moral: try and try again. Scrape the pot and try one more time. Bang kitchen accessories around and pre-heat the oven one more time. Oh, and a word to the wise (although if they're so wise, why do they need my word?) - don't steam artichokes. Much better to boil them.
3. Um. In my excitement, I forgot. But in the absense of yay number 3, I'll let you know what's coming up tomorrow (or maybe later today): my speaking information. I do speaking for retreats (women's, college, singles) and special events. Tomorrow I'll have more information for those of you who are interested while I'm waiting for my website to get done (which is harder than it looks - that HTML!).


Danica/Dream said...

YAY times three right back! Jealous of the Jersey trip. Do me a favor and have a slice of REAL pizza in my honor. :)

Pamela said...

be tough.
You can handle that water. It is much warmer than the west coast.

when our middle daughter was in Delaware I was in total awe of how warm the water was.
On our washington coast - the water is c-c-c-c-cold year round

Gina Conroy said...

Love Italian ice and the ocean. But you didn't mention the pizza and bagels. There's no place on earth with better pizza and bagels then NY and I'm assuming NJ.