25 September 2007

Celebrity Deathmatch

Welcome, folks, to today's celebrity deathmatch. In the one corner weighing in at feisty and beautiful (you didn't think we'd actually reveal a woman's weight, did you?) and wearing a red kimono dress with intricate embroidery and a gold brocade collar, we have loud Asian chick, Camy Tang. In the other corner, weighing in at deranged and tall and wearing a spacesuit, we have mad-genius physicist Randy Ingermanson.

Read about the deathmatch, and the jealousy factor in every writer's struggle at the Misfits today.


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Karmyn R said...

I just read the entire article - funny, but very well said.

It is so easy to walk the line b/n admiring and jealousy....with EVERYTHING. I just try to remember to be happy with what I have and where I am.