30 September 2007

Why We Should Move to NJ

I’m still in Jersey and am putting a PowerPoint presentation together to convince my hubby that we should move to NJ. So here we go. (Man, do I love this place.)

Hoagies (warning—there will be a lot of food on this list; my mom and I planned our trip more around food than even family): don’t even think about calling them subs.
Philly cheesesteaks
Panzzerottis (told there’d be food): not anything close to calzones, fyi
Trees—this includes the different types, the number of them, and the beautiful colors in the fall. We’re here right at the beginning of the change. Almost overnight. Of course, my family laughs at our oohs and ahhs over such meager colors. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait ’til mid-October.
History—you go into Philly and it’s first this and first that. First, first, first. First capital, first printing press, first president of the U.S., first prison in the States (first penitentiary in the world—the thing looks like a castle, which is on purpose, of course, to scare the new immigrants who would’ve associated the castle with a harsh authoritative hand; inspired by Quakers, the designers wanted to create a place once inside that would inspire penitence and a changed life). You can’t walk two steps without being immersed into history like the signing of the Declaration and Campbell's soup and Ben Franklin (who apparently did everything except invent Campbell's soup). And the architecture--some European, some colonial, some modern. When I get back, I’ll take the time to put some pics up. Then there’s my personal history and my family history. It’s all here.
Location, location, location—hop on a train and 10 min. later you’re in Philadelphia. Two hours from NYC, three from DC. An hour from the shore (a great shore at that) and three from the mountains (think skiing, Chris).
The tomatoes and corn and blueberries and peaches and apples. NJ is called the Garden State for a reason. You can’t get veggies bursting with flavor like this in Texas.
Italian country—I love my Italian food. You can’t get Italian food like this in Dallas. (Interestingly enough, I used to think I’d miss Mexican food if—no, when—I move back home, but with Mexican migrant workers now putting down roots, Mexican—true Mexican, which I prefer to Tex-Mex—restaurants pop up everywhere, along with every type of Asian and Middle Eastern.)
Four seasons. They have all of them up here.
The artsy section of Philly with galleries and shops and all that fun stuff.
And I haven't even been to the shore yet--we go tomorrow.

Added to the list after posting but before visiting the shore:
Water ice--similar to snow cones only if you consider a fine snow powder the same as ice cubes.
Variety in the style of houses--so many types as opposed to the DFW 2 types.
Cheaper gas. Seriously.
Cheaper tolls. (And don't even try and bring up that housing is oh-so-much-more expensive in Jersey. Dallas is almost caught up in prices. I checked. Love you, dear.)
Barber shops with the real twisting barber shop red and white thingies.
Traditional small shops--I only saw one Wal-Mart.
Wawa's coffee. So good. Jam-packed in the mornings. If you say it's like 7-11, I'll punch you in the nose. Very few Starbucks here.

I'm sure I'll think of more.

Things I love but can’t put on my husband’s list:

Watching the Eagles game with other Eagles fans. Hard to come by in Dallas.
Actually, that’s it. If he would listen to me, I think he would find that he would love NJ (ahem).


Jennifer Tiszai said...

And closer to Chicago? I have no idea and don't feel like looking it up. But it sounds like a really cool place to visit and get the primo tour.

Karmyn R said...

You mean to tell me all this time NJ has been getting a bad rap?

willowtree said...

I don't mind NJ, but I prefer upstate NY.

L.L. Barkat said...

Is it really a possiblity, or just a whim? Jersey is also closer to L.L. Not that this would matter to your husband.

Erin said...

And closer to Erin too. That ought to just tip the scales for Chris and he'll be out here in a Jersey minute. ;)

These are many of the same reasons I longed for my eastern home. And moved back. But the biggest draw for me was FAMILY.

Jenny said...

So, if (oops, when) you move back, I can see you AND all the American history stuff in Philly, too? Want help packing? (Sorry, Chris)

Pamela said...

I saw Wawa's and MAC's when I was back there and was amused.

Jenn said...

And closer to Jenn.

But, just because I like being ornery:

Subs subs subs subs subs subs!


Philly is not IN New Jersey.


My dad is from New Jersey, actually, and I have fond memories of going there most summers as a kid, but we still like to make fun of it.


Do you say "wooter ice"?


Heather said...

i do say wooter ice when i'm in jersey.
living in texas, people don't understand "wooter" so i mostly say "water." but when i'm in jersey, i revert.
and i know philly's not in jersey, but when it's 10 min. away, it counts as a perk.

Real Live Preacher said...

Well, as a long time Dallas Cowboy fan, I've held Philly in suspicion, but that's just silly. I've been once and had the same kind of reaction. This is a place to go when you have some time to see a lot of cool things.

L.L. Barkat said...

So... well... is that your answer? I couldn't tell if it was a yes or no. ;-)

Robin said...

Heather, your funny bone is showing :).

By now, you've gone to the shore...I hope it was delicious!

This post was not only informative (first penitentiary a CASTLE??), but it made me hungry. And curiously interested in visiting NJ. Which I have NEVER imagined before reading this.

Chris ought to like the thought you're already "interviewing" for a job with the Chamber of Commerce ;).

My trip (and subsequent impressions of) to Boston sounds a lot like how I'd feel going to Philly. History comes to LIFE!

Heather said...

oh, sorry, l.l. it's a whim. chris would never actually go for it. (we could if one of two things happened: either i convince both our families that live near us and his entire ministry to move up there or i become a bestselling author on par with rowling making enough money to maintain 2 households, which, even if i did--don't worry, i have no allusions that i will--i couldn't justify spending on two households for me rather than missions and social justice).

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Hey I'm all for moving out of Texas (did it myself last December!)

but if you move anywhere it should be to CO... then you would be near me! :o) and quite honestly, you know there couldn't be anything better than that! LOL