24 September 2007

Favorite Moments of the ACFW* conference

In no particular order:

- singing "Let My Words Be Few"--can you sing this at an author's conference?
- having an editor spill coffee on me--this is an excellent ice breaker and warrants enough guilt for the editor to ask for a proposal
- having an agent tell me that she loves my red highlights (which I translate as "I'd love to represent you")
- overhearing other women bragging about my husband after I told them some of the wonderful things about him
- sitting at a table at the banquet with three second place winners (and knowing that I was one of the cool people who had read their stuff already)
- chatting about arc and characterization and theme without having the other person's eyes glaze over
- getting new books
- Ernest and Julio festival

Needless to say, good times all around and life only gets better--I leave for Jersey on Wednesday (you should read as: I won't be around much on cyber space).

Also, starting in two weeks, I will be highlighting people who incarnate Christ's life and love and beauty around the world. These are people you most likely won't have heard about. These are people volunteering in orphanages and making quilts for battered women's shelters and working with refugees in Africa. If you know someone that exudes this love and beauty, please email me their story at heatheragoodman [at] yahoo [dot] com.

*ACFW=American Christian Fiction Writers


L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, that's precious, about the editor. So, did you get a contract?

Real Live Preacher said...

Looking forward to your incarnation highlights. Can't wait.

Heather said...

no contract--just the first babysteps that i hope will lead to a contract (although you never know in this world).

Pamela said...

looking forward to those highlights (the ones you are writing..although the ones in your hair are lovely,too)