08 September 2007

Madeleine L'Engle

Madeleine L'Engle, most famous for her Newbery-Award winning Wrinkle in Time (and the rest of the series), died September 6 at the age of 88.
L'Engle, along with L.M. Montgomery and Louisa May Alcott, is part of the reason that I am a reader and a writer today. I keep a copy of Herself, a book of snippets about life and writing, at my bedside.
For you creative types, I highly recommend reading her book Walking on Water, which contains (as much as L'Engle can be contained) her reflections on art and religion. (You can see my thoughts on it here.)
It's sad that on the same day, two people who were full of beauty and life have passed.
Thank you for your legacy, Mrs. L'Engle.


Jenn said...

Oh no! What's with all my favourite authors dying this year? (I mean, minus the ones whose blogs I read, of course.) Thanks for letting us know.

Just curious. Did an author have to have had at least one "L" and one "M" in her initials to have been influential in your writing and reading?

Erin said...

Heather, I had not heard about Ms. L'Engle's passing. My eldest and I just started A Wrinkle in Time last week for school.

Karmyn R said...

Oh, somehow I missed this news. yes - her Wrinkle in Time was one of my favorites as a youth.

Jenny said...

I remember reading A Wrinkle in Time with my son and being so moved, wishing I'd read it as a child but knowing I'd not have understood it as well back then. I hadn't heard she'd passed and feel like something beautiful has flown away.

Heather said...

Huh. Hadn't noticed the initials thing before. Maybe I was hypnotized as a child ;)
Who else died this year?

Real Live Preacher said...

Believe it or not, I haven't read "A Wrinkle in Time."

I know, I know.

So I have a copy. Imagine this. I'll be reading it for the first time. You only get to do that once.