06 September 2007

New Reality TV

For your entertainment straight from The Onion:

LOS ANGELES—Cable network Animal Planet announced its most ambitious foray into reality-TV programming yet Monday with The Zoo, a weekly, hourlong show in which members of a diverse, all-animal cast square off in a single 3,200-square-foot home in the San Fernando Valley.
"Sparks—and fur—are sure to fly when animals from 11 different ecosystems share a single row house in trendy Echo Park," executive producer Stu Wolchek said. "For many of these wild, colorful, and totally unpredictable cast members, it's the first time they've ever seen a bison or sloth."
Wolchek added: "Some of these guys have never even lived under a roof."
For the rest of the story, see the article, "Animal Planet Reality Show To Put Bear, Antelope, Hawk, Cheetah In Same House."


willowtree said...

You're kidding right, oh wait, that was from the Onion, never mind.

Erin said...

sounds like my house.

Pamela said...

for a minute I was getting incensed... and then then.. like WT... I saw it was the onion.

I've been following WT around this evening. He must be creating a vacuum/vortex spinning me along