21 February 2007

Buyer's Remorse

I planned on writing this oh-so-enlightening blog about what I'm learning in Leviticus and Numbers or Stephen Hawkings and Postmodernism, but I'm deep in buyer's remorse (coupled with excitement over all my new toys), so words will have to wait.
I just spent ninety-two dollars.
On books.
I had to spell out "ninety-two" and "dollars" so that you would get the point.
There goes our anniversary trip.
And, yes, to answer your question, I still have books stacked on my bedroom floor from the last binge waiting to be read.
Hello, my name is Heather, and I'm an addict.
Oy vey, what was I thinking? All nonreturnable, of course. You see, I met my friend for coffee this morning, and she told me that the Border's down the street is going out of business and has some great sales. 40% off new fiction and 75% off classics. I did get 11 books for all that money. Two new hardbacks (Arlington Park and another book I had never heard of but absolutely had to have the moment I saw it), three new classics, and 6 paperbacks including 2 Anne Tyler, a Richard Russo (I stood in front of the shelves for 10 minutes narrowing down to which Russo - I chose Straight Man, for those of you who care), Life of Pi (so that I can catch up with all the other trendy readers) and a smattering of others. They didn't have the Hugh Laurie book that I've been wanting to read. Good thing. I had to rent their forklift as it was to get the books to my car.
Good thing I have such a patient husband. (Chris, if you're reading this, I love you!)
So here's my question: if you're a writer (or aspiring) and you spend money on books, is it tax deductable? (Eh-hem, Angie)


Robin said...

I giggled when I read this, Heather. Giggled! I totally get your addiction (misery loves company). I'm impressed you kept it under three digits!!

Christianne said...

Ahhhhh, how I love Life of Pi. And hope you do too. Tell us what you think when you're done!

Willowtree said...

I'll bet you feel dirty whenever you read them. Why didn't you just wait until they came out on DVD?

Heather said...

WT - my husband says the same thing. He argues that if they're any good, they'll be made into movies. I prefer watching the movies in my head.
Plus, I figured out that I spent $8.36 (with the 36 repeating to infinity) per book. That's the same price as a movie. But I get entertained for longer. And I can sound like a snob. Oh, but the book was so much better. That whole drill.

Jennifer said...

Ah, you picked a good Russo. And I have Life of Pi in my TBR too. But from the library.

And it can be tax deducible if it's a legitimate business expense. But I'm not a tax professional, just have a degree in finance.

L.L. Barkat said...

According to Jana Riess, yes. According to Lauren Winner, no. It obviously comes down to who your tax person is. Well, unless one has bought The Christian Writers Market. Deductible for sure.

Jennifer said...

But they were bargains. . . . .

I know--it's tough. I'll admit that I never spend that much in one shot, but I have found this overstocks bookstore that I stop in once or twice a month, spending between $3 and $25 each time. All books are $3 or $4, new (but sometimes a bit smashed), and there's a dollar cart in back.

Claudia said...

guilty pleasures!! I am a book addict too...I just love 'em. I've had to seriously cut back considering I've got boxes of books back home, but still.....and really! 11 books for less 92? Awesome....
But..what? Borders going out of business? HUH???

Heather said...

Jennifer - what an awesome place. Remember that part in one of the gospels when Jesus turns to his worried parents and says, "Didn't you know I'd be in my Father's house." Well, folks, if I had a place like that, didn't you know I'd be in my lifeblood house?
Yeah, I don't think I'll chance the books with the IRS.
And sorry for the confusion: Border's is not going out of business. Just that one store. I have not been back. I won't allow myself. Not if we want to pay the mortgage and eat this month.

wolfbaby said...

ROLF, your hubs and my hubs could probably trade horror stories of how the wives went to borders one day and spent all there hard earned money. there are so many books in my house they are spilling off the shelves. Hubs dosn't even bat a lash anymore when I say Im going grocery shopping and come home with a borders bad as well. ( hey i did do the grocery shopping too)

wolfbaby said...