26 February 2007

Tombs and Whatnot

Breaking news today: somebody believes they have discovered the possible remains of Jesus' bones.
So it's not exactly new news, but someone thinks it is, so they're hyping all over the place again.
Of course, there are plenty of objections to this data, but seeing as how there are much smarter people than me (take a puff of your inhaler - I know this surprise knocked more wind out of you than the Jesus discovery) in this world who can say more on this subject, I'll just provide a trustworthy link here. It's a blog by Dr. Darrell Bock of Dallas Theological Seminary brought to you by bible.org.

Note: sorry, thought I published this on Monday, but I guess I hit the save button instead of publish.

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Erin said...

(I admit I live under a rock with no cable hook-up.)

They've found Jesus' bones?? Was he buried under the floor tiles at the Louvre or something? Wow. I had no idea.