02 February 2007

Seeing Jesus in Shakespeare

Internet Monk has a great post today about understanding grace and reconciliation in The Tempest. He shows some great parallels to this play and the gospel. This is my favorite Shakespearean play, so I loved the post.
(Note of shame: I'd love to say that it's my favorite because at such a young age - junior high, by the way, when I first saw it - I immediately understood all it's literariness and themes, but more likely, it's my favorite because it was the first Shakespeare play I saw. Heck, I don't know that I understood what they said half the first time at that viewing. Or my latest viewing...)


mike duran said...

I feel the same about my Shakespeare viewings -- both imbecilic and awed. Thanks for the link, Heather.

willowtree said...

Hey, see I do read your blog.

This is a good example of why I don't comment very often, ordinarily I'd just bite my tongue and not comment in this type of situation, but since you accused me of not even reading your blog I guess now I'll have to comment.

If it's not bad enough that I consider the whole Sheakespeare deal to be one of unwarranted fawning akin to the Emperor's New Clothes, I am firmly in the camp that believes that not only is he much overrated, but that he was at best a competent writer and at worst a borderline illiterate fraud who published Christoper Marlowe's work under his own name

Heather said...

But you see, WT, those are exactly the types of comments I love. I can't resist a little debate. Maybe there's a hooligan hidden somewhere beneath my sweet exterior. Stop laughing

Willowtree said...

Phew! I'm so glad you didn't get offended, my track record for pissing people off has been pretty lousy lately.

Who knows, maybe there's a sweet person hidden beneath my hooligan exterior. Okay, now you stop laughing.

Jennifer said...

Oooh--sounds very interesting. Tackling Shakespeare again is on my list for this year, so maybe I'll try this one. I even think it's one of the shorter plays, right??