08 May 2007


My dad comes home from the hospital today. He and my mom will stay at our house for a bit, anywhere from a few days to a week. So some semblence of normal may possibly be restored. Then again, it may not. You never know with this crew!
So I've been disinfecting the house between flute and piano lessons today - no small task for our house. Not that we have a large house, but I'm not exactly the queen of clean. And I'm maneuvering around two dogs that hate each other. Well, one dog that wants to play and the other that hates.
I don't know why I called this post dy-no-mite except that I'm at the end of all things sane.


Pamela said...

goof that your dad is coming home.
He needs rest from the hospital. Those people don't let you sleep -

L.L. Barkat said...

Sorry I've been late to discover this. So difficult. I do pray you have strength and joy to meet the days.

wolfbaby said...

Good luck with things to come... hope everyone stays ok!