18 May 2007

What does it mean to be human?

For those who haven't been to Sandi's blog today, you might want to follow this link to hear Bono's acceptance speech at the NAACP awards. Now, before you get all up in arms with me (I know some of you have differences with Bono and some of you think the NAACP a desolation), the reason I think this speech is so good is because he draws out our responsibility to love our neighbor as ourselves.
Plus, I just like Bono.


Robin said...

Hadn't followed your links yet, but have you ever wondered or bemused why Bono is the poster artist for Emergents? Have you even noticed that?

Cracks me up for some reason...

Pamela said...

read portions on another blog.

He puts his $$ where his mouth his. Which is so different from the majority of celebs