29 May 2007

What I Like About You

It happened again, but I had already gotten out of bed half a dozen times to sit on the toilet and jot down on my notepad the bits and pieces of stories that paced my mind like a caged tiger. So when the idea for a savvy post and even savvier title (it was a song that fit perfectly, that much I remember) came to me at 12:47, I repeated it three times in my head and fell asleep. I swore I'd remember, knowing I wouldn't. Instead, I'm writing to you to tell you that I had a post par excellence. The fans will never know.
How about this? I'll list five things I love about my life. That will make us feel better all around.

  1. My sexy husband who holds me when I'm crying though he doesn't understand why (though I don't understand why) and thinks I'm crazy (which I may very well be). Oh, and the fact that he actually makes me feel beautiful (an amazing feat; I think he believes me to be beautiful) makes me love him all the more.
  2. My family. I grew up in a family that demonstrated faith in God when it didn't make sense. This was one of the greatest lessons I ever learned. And now there's my husband's family, which is my family too. A greater in lawed (pardon me, my hyphen key went out) situation cannot be known.
  3. My baby. You might think this my grand pregnancy annoucement. Curses on both your houses! This is my baby grand. As much as I love Chris, I'd be hard pressed to decide between the two. ;)
  4. Music. Not just the above, but the soundtrack that runs in my head. I love it.
  5. Writing. Back to bragging on Chris. He's the one who told me that I should look into doing this, really doing this, as in attempting published status (this drat hyphen key!). And then, to further support me, he said sure! Quit the office job. Teach private lessons and write all you want! (Even though this leaves us meager financially.) And I love it. Almost every bit. Almost. When I first started the fiction venture, I worried about coming up with new stories. Now, I fear not getting them all out, the stories and the characters, before I explode.

Thanks for indulging me. What do you love about your life?


Erin said...


(You must be going for the parentheses until you get that little guy repaired)

I love my creative kids.
I love my husband who is not as wacky in his creativity, but still indulges us anyway. Even when he doesn't see the point of our games.
I love my creative God.
I love my hyphen key-----------

Heather said...

Now that's just mean. You're trying to make me jealous. I've been copying and pasting like a fool . Oh, except apparently it doesn't copy the hyphen on the internet. Just blank spaces.

Elaina said...

Thanks for sharing this Heather. It was sweet and encouraging. No offense meant when I say this...but I don't know why it's encouraging :) particularly since I don't know what to say about my own life. But something about what you've written gives me hope. I don't have anything to post right now but maybe I'll take after you and eventually post something to my blog. Thanks!

Pamela said...

The hyphen going out is a good thing.
You are no longer held hostage by a tiddle.
Now your words don't have to be attached to anything -- they can flow out of you like an artesian well -- accompanied by that melody that wakes your heart....

we're waiting for greater things!