01 May 2007

The stork laid down his burden

He rested. And then he laughed and laughed and laughed.
A few months ago, I learned that I had four uncles I didn’t know I had. Yeah, that was an interesting conversation.
Mom calls. “I talked to your uncle today.”
“Um, mom, he’s been dead for a few years.” I google asylums. “Did you have a séance?”
“No. A new uncle.”
Of course. Silly me.
“You have four new uncles.”
Except my grandparents are dead, so I know they didn’t have some sort of second honeymoon and pull and Abraham and Sarah.
“Children of my dad and his second wife.”
So background: my mom’s dad left when she was five (I believe). The last they heard of him was a birthday card he sent for her eleventh birthday. My mom is the youngest of four. Her dad left, remarried, moved to Florida (which they new from the postmark), and apparently had four boys (which they didn’t know until a few months ago). My mom’s biological father is now dead. When he died, the oldest of the four boys, Brent, in addition to raising the youngest, decided to figure out this mysterious background that his parents refused to talk about. Were they in the witness protection plan? Was the mafia after them?
He found us. A long, complicated hide-n-seek game.
My mom and dad instantly loved the new family. Two peas in a proverbial pod. My aunt decided to fly down this past weekend to Louisiana (Brent’s house) to meet them. My mom, hubby, and I surprised her and drove down. One of the brothers, Brian, drove up from New Orleans.
And we laughed and laughed and laughed. Mostly at me, but I’m okay with that. Hey, that’s how things normally go, and being the drama queen that I am, any attention is good attention.
Brent is a bi-vocational pastor. He and his wife, Dee, own a nursery. If you need any planting advice or just want to learn, hop on over to his blog. When it’s late, he breaks out into Beaudroux and Tibidoux (nice spelling) jokes—Cajun jokes told with a Mexican accent (they lived in Mexico for a while). And his nursery is beautiful.
Brian is a driver for NAPA (not the wine country, unfortunately). My favorite thing about Brian: everything reminds him of a song. Sounds like someone we know, doesn’t it?
Bobby and Steven are the two I haven’t met, yet.
It’s fun having family closer than Virginia and New Jersey now.


L.L. Barkat said...

Long lost family. That is a sweet discovery.

[and now, sound the wind chimes...] How's Hebrew going? This week we learned about the "ha" before a noun (the definite article "the"). Okay, so we are a little behind you. But I said this was a leisurely pursuit, didn't I?

Heather said...

Um, what Hebrew?
I've reviewed some, but not enough.
Interesting use of the article in Genesis 12 (I forget which verse, but it's in the first few where God is calling Abe and Sarai to go to the land he will show them (or something like that). Here's the interesting thing: since the article isn't used often, it's good to note where it is. Moses is telling this story to the Israelites, who have escaped Egypt and wandered around the wilderness for 40 yrs and are not ready to enter the land. It's this little nudge. Abe didn't know, but we do, eh?
Just a tidbit from the Bible study I'm currently writing.

Willowtree said...

Wow! That's amazing! I can't even imagine what that would be like.

Pamela said...

now THERE is the book I'm expecting you to write!~

Kelley said...

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux...FYI :) (I'm a transplanted Cajun from Baton Rouge. We cheer our LSU football team like this: "Geaux Tigers!")

wolfbaby said...

Hey congradulations on the new additions to the family. I hope things work out well!!

L.L. Barkat said...

Wow. Who ever thought a linguistic article could be so important? I love this little detail, with its big implications.

(Sorry all, this is an off-topic comment, just about Hebrew.)