22 May 2007

More Misfit Merits

What a stellar writer's group I've managed to sneak in! Besides the accolades I've mentioned afore, more kudos are due. The finalists list for Genesis is out! And on that list are:
Angie Poole
Chris Mikesell
Jenny Cary
My chest swells with pride. I feel proud that I was able to read these excerpts on the ground floor (and told them first how much I love them). Good job, misfits!
Oh, I don't think I ever posted that, in addition to all this (for only $19.99), Chris also won the Jesus Vs. Cthulhu contest in Coach's Midnight Diner (an offshoot of Relief). Cthulhu is some creature that sci-fi/fantasy people know. I had to be told, and I'm not sure I remember. But I know this: the story is good. Funny. Poignant. All those words you're supposed to use.
And don't forget to watch those bookshelves in 2008 for Mike Snyder's upcoming book! (I'd link to his blog, but let's be honest here. He never posts. Too busy writing actual books that publishers fight over, so I'll save myself the trouble.)


Mirtika said...

Chris is a terrific writer. I love, love his style and humor and wackiness. And I cannot WAIT to read that Jesus vs Cthulhu story, as someone who does know who the Big Evil C is. :)

BTW, have you never watched the CALLS FOR CTHULHU on Youtube. Those are to-die-for or be-eaten-by-Old-Ones hilarious. do a search over there and see.


Chris said...

Thanks, Heather (and Mir). It's great to be a part of our writer community (as well as the broader network).

Misfits Misalign!

Pamela said...

I need to read again.. I've been blogging and the books sit.

(I know. Quit work and have more time. That's it!!!!)