14 December 2007

Another Hero

Christmas facts about me:

White Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie.
I didn't know Silent Night was a Christmas carol until I was eight or nine, maybe older. My mom sang it to me every night, every night, even in June. I still get sleepy when I hear it.
Rudolph is my Christmas hero. I think you know why.
But my second hero, maybe you don't know that one:

I put together that clip for a Christmas brunch I'm speaking at tomorrow.

Sorry about the quality. Blogger wouldn't upload it (after an hour of waiting, I gave up), so I downsized it to get it up there. But you get the idea.


Willowtree said...

I admire your childlike enthusiasm for Christmas.

Robin said...

You gotta love Clark...he's certifiable in a lovable kinda way :).


Jenny said...

Believe! You just gotta believe! I love that scene.

Karmyn R said...

hee hee - that clip reminds me of our tree last year. It was so big it touched our 13 foot ceiling. This year, we didn't let it get out of control!

I love White Christmas too - but I still have to say that It's a Wonderful LIfe is my favorite - no matter how annoying some people find it.

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