07 December 2007

Cool Announcement #2

Visit Intersection

It's like I'm addicted.
But seriously, these social networks or online communities or whatever you want to call them are awesome!
So I've created one for art and theology called Intersection (http://intersection.ning.com).
Here's what I dream: people will upload their photography, poetry, pictures of their paintings (and I know some of you are photographers, poets, and painters). We'll discuss issues like how to get involved in the film world or writing techniques or brushstrokes or how to we handle this Golden Compass movie or what we think should or shouldn't be acceptable in Christian publishing or what should standards be? or how do we strive for greatness? or talk about different genres, like speculative Christian fiction and horror movies and folk music. We'll post film and book and music reviews. We'll upload a favorite song to discuss or just to share. We'll create interest groups, like book clubs or punk music fans or Duchamp lovers.
This is better than Mastercard.


Robin said...

Very cool with lots of potential for tons o' fun and mental stimulation :).

Could you please tell Santa to send me more minutes in my day? PLEASE??


KreativeMix said...

sounds pretty cool!!