10 December 2007

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New forum question on Incarnating Christ:

I've talked before about sweatshop labor--not shopping at stores that employ sweatshop labor (you can look up your favorite store at Responsible Shopper), being involved in organizations such as International Justice Mission which actively fight sweatshops and slavery, that kind of thing.I hate sweatshop labor. I hate places that force overtime (especially unpaid), that take advantage of people (especially women and children), that sexually and/or physically abuse.
But let's look at the question and implications.
Some organizations make attempts to keep their factories clean. For example, Gap has surprise inspections. However, I read an article that said that factories in India (where Gap makes their clothing) have hiding places to stash kids when that inspector walks in the door. The article said, if you're using a factory in India, there's gonna be corruption.Which brings me to my question.
But if we stop using India and places like that, doesn't that do more damage by pulling away a source of economy from a hurting country?
I'm not saying let's turn a blind eye, but is the answer to stop all production?
Maybe it is. As a statement. Get your act together.

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Pamela said...

I often look at labels - there are certain places in the news right now that discourage my purchasing items that have the "made-in" label.

Unfortunately - it would take millions of people to effect any change by checking labels.

It's hard to find anything made close to home.

I'll buy Mexico and Central America first.