28 December 2007

The Last Day of Christmas

I admit it. I'm a clinger. Change doesn't bother me. I like new things. But letting go of old ones, that's a different story.
So I cling to Christmas.
I mourn it's passing. Yesterday I watched half a dozen Christmas movies with my family. Today I'll bake a few more cookies (for my New Year's Eve Party--if you're in the Dallas area, stop on by!) and watch one more Christmas movie.
It doesn't feel like Christmas anymore. How can that be? A month of carols and decorations and stories and snap! It's over with the stroke of midnight.
Christmas to me isn't about the day. It's the season. The season of lights and joy and peace. The season that we now use to remember the birth of the greatest King. The season we find holly and jolly.
Today the last of my family leaves. We had a house full o' people. It was great. Air mattresses were brought out. Sofas slept on. Every room filled. We played games and drank wassail and ate more cookies and pie than any human should eat. I discovered that the heavy roasting pan I received as a wedding present and hadn't had an opportunity to use until now is too big for my oven. Dishes broke. Stains remain. But that's okay. I can remember each time I see the stain.
Tomorrow life goes back to normal. Not that normal is bad. I like life (life likes me, life and I fairly fully agree...).
But normal isn't Christmas.
So farewell thee well, Ghost of Christmas past. We lift a cup in your honor.


Megan DiMaria said...

Just think, only 368 more days until Christmas 2008. And it will be here before you know it. :)

I love Christmas too, but I'm always happy to pack the decorations away and anticipate springtime.

A prisoner of hope,

Jenny said...

I think you need to come spend time with me in Phoenix next December to get me more into this--Christmas past is good but Christmas present (as in presence, not gifts) not so much. Come stir up that excitement for me. Make me feel the anticipation and joy again. I think you are just the person to do it, Heather.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

What a lovely post. You drew me right into your Christmas celebration and the pangs of seeing it gone all too soon. Praise God we can have the spirit of Christmas living in our hearts all year long...

Blessings to you and a Happy New Year because of Jesus!

Heather Diane Tipton said...

I wanna come to your New Years Eve party!!!

Heather said...

Doesn't everyone, Heather. Doesn't everyone.
Jenny--I applied for Ghost of Christmas Present, but the job was taken. I'm his understudy, though.