10 December 2007

We Have No Bananas Today

I'm shifting things a bit.
In January, I'm going to be launching a new ezine. Stay tuned for more on that because the first 100 people to sign-up will receive a little something extra for free (the ezine will be free as well, by the way). I'm telling you this now because I've decided to reclaim my blog for more fun stuff and put what I've been posting as "Mentor Monday" into the montly ezine instead.
Here's a sneakpeek: every month, there will be glimpses into people's stories (interviews and tidbits of cool people in the world who are incarnating Christ's love to the hurting), glimpses into beauty (where you'll find paintings, sculptures, poetry, and flash fiction), and glimpses into the Church (a section that looks at the metaphors, purpose, and life of the Church). And every so often, there'll be some fun free give-aways!
Is it ezeen? or ezin (with a long i)?


Jeanne Damoff said...

I believe it's "zeen" as in "magazine."

Sounds like yours will be interesting. :)

Jason said...

Shoot. I was looking for some bananas today.

However, I will be interested in your e-zine when it debuts! Sounds cool.