23 April 2007

The Eragon Bus

I'm sorry, guys. I just ain't buyin' it. I can't get on that Eragon bus. I finally saw the movie this weekend with baited breath and all that jazz. Sure, the dragon rider idea had some novelty. I'll give the movie 5% creativity with that. Other than that, let's see, about 60% Lord of the Rings (on whose tails this movie obviously rode), 20% Star Wars (I could list all the parallels, but I'm sure you saw them down to the uncle who raised the boy being killed by the bad guys), and 15% (I would love to list this as higher, but I'm limited to a total of 100%) bad dialogue. Horrible, cheesy dialogue.

Sorry, guys. I know some of you love it all, and I'm possibly making enemies here, but I can't do it.


relevantgirl said...

I read part of Eragon and my kids had read the entire book. THEY HATED THE MOVIE. They made fun of the movie. They called it terrible. I agree. Not so much.

Robin said...

I read none of it, but for a while, it was one of my daughter's favorite books. Impressive that it was penned by a young teenager, perhaps that's why he borrowed elements from other literary works :/.

Rachel did not care for the movie...my boys, who haven't read it, enjoyed it much more.

Gina said...

My boys (1o,12) who love Star Wars and Dragons didn't really care for the movie either.

It left me unsatisfied as well!

Mirtika said...

The Dragon Rider idea is totally ripped off from Anne McCaffrey's classic DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN series. (As well as the imprinting, also written about by A.M.) The only reason the mishmosh of rip-offs got bought was cause it was a very young writer and cause it added a bunch of elements sure to appeal to young readers. And adult writing it would have been heaped with abuse for the derivative elements, methinks.

I don't plan to watch the film. I may one day, but really, it's not calling to me.


Heather said...

well, folks. there ya have it. from the fantasy expert herself. so take away that 5% creativity.