13 April 2007

Garage Sale!

For the first time in my life, I am participating in a garage sale with two friends. We’ll hold the sale tomorrow bright and early, so we gathered this morning to prep. Here’s what I’m learning thus far:
- When doing this with friends, you exchange more items than you sell. I came home with three new black shirts. In fact, I’m wearing one right now. Tried it on and decided I looked to cute in it to take it off. Also a new purse. AND, the biggy, new shoes. I love these shoes. Never worn. They are beige sneakers (never meant to run) with newspaper print all over. Fit me perfectly. If I had the savvy of Robin or Peter, I’d post a picture, but alas, I don’t love you guys that much.
- In all that, I forgot my second lesson.
- If it begins to rain, don’t use that moment to put up all the garage sale signs on the street corners. The minute you finish, so will the rain.
- Wind blows away garage sale signs.
- It always rains when you plan a garage sale (although the forecast predicts sun tomorrow—cross those fingers).

In other news, I picked up a learn-to-knit kit (hee-hee, knit kit) at Hobby Lobby today and some cheap yarn. Inspired by The Friday Night Knitting Club, I’m picking up my childhood craft (although I don’t remember a thing). I’ll start by making some dishwashing cloths and go from there.
And, the ants are back! (Booo.) Before leaving to go out of town for Easter weekend, I cleared off all my counters (a feat for me—have you seen my counters?), scrubbed them with bleach (don’t know why I scrubbed them before spraying, but it seemed like a good idea at the time, and I don’t like cleaning with bleach since it’s harsh for people and the environment, so this step didn’t make sense in any shape or form), then, while everyone waited in the car, I held a bandana over my nose and sprayed every crevice and base board before running out the door to breath (who wants to inhale insecticide?). When we came home, after the freeze that chased all the ants back to hibernation of course, I found a handful of dead ants on my floor (which helped me determine where they leak in), but not nearly the amount that had been playing in the kitchen previously. A couple days ago it began warming up again so an ant here and an ant there has ventured out. Not driving me crazy yet. We’ll see what happens.
Happy Weekend!


Robin said...

Heather, I began your post grinning as I read about your garage sale antics...and LOVE the image you've painted of your sneakers...and THEN I grinned bigger when you implied I had photo-posting savvy (have I got YOU fooled!).

Thought you'd get a kick out of the convo I had with my kids this morning on the way to school--they told me they HATE it when people call tennis shoes sneakers and hats, caps. Funny, huh?

I'll tell ya this, too, when I joined a friend for a garage sale, I decided it was the hardest work I'd ever done for the least amount of money...then again, that was before we had accumulated much in the way of trash...I mean other people's "treasures" ;). Sounds like you've already made out like a bandit.

Sorry, chick, when you get some completed knitting projects, you HAVE to post pics...this isn't a request, you'll "wow" us with your yarn-weaving prowess. Chop-chop, get to it :).

As for the ants...sowry...I hate invasions by any type of uninvited guests...ants, mice, estranged relatives ;).

Jeanne Damoff said...

It is against the law to say you look too cute and then not post a picture. You're under arrest.

Luke knits.

Willowtree said...

Ants!! I hate 'em, they're so pervasive. I hate cockroaches even more though.

I get the impression you are going backwards on the getting rid of stuff deal. The important thing from here on in is to decide if it's for money or for the closet space. If it's not for money, then no offer should be refused on anything.

Hey, that Jeanne lady kinda looks like you, or are you commenting on you own blog using a pseudonym?

PS. My posting pictures has more to do with the lack of writing ability than any perceived savvy.

Pamela said...

.... I"m not kidding. Boric acid.
You get little teeny containers, put the b/a in it close to where they enter.
They love the stuff. They eat it and take it back to the main attack camp... where all the little ants eat it and die.

I'm sorry it is so brutal.
But, if they would just stay outside you wouldn't have to do it.

You and the garage sale. Oh how I hate yard and garage sales. Thats one thing the hubby and I do not share in the least.

I'd much rather just load up the junk and make two stops. Better stuff to the good will, other stuff to the dump

I'm so lazy. But I'm looking forward to a knitting creation posted and photo'd.

wolfbaby said...

There is this stuff you can put in your yard for ants.. it's in the lawn and garden section you put it all over your yard it kills ants, fleas, ticks, etc. Then you go and get this other bottle of stuff specifically for ants and put it directly around the house outside. kinda expensive but it does work. I will have to hunt down the names for you and let you know what they are.. ugh i hate the ant season... grrrr.

Garage sells comming up yeah.. i plan to get some cheap outside toys for the kiddes.. i should have one I really should.. but then i always find people who can use the stuff i would sell so I end up giving it away;)

Heather said...

Jeanne and I are not related, although I think some of her DNA was transplanted into me at birth.
So far, the ants have been good. Just one or two here or there - not even daily. But if they attack again, I'm bringing out the boric acid (where do you even buy anything like that?). I should do wolfbaby's suggestion cuz I think we're sitting on one huge anthill.