11 April 2007

Kurt Bruner

Last night, I went to hear Kurt Bruner speak at the Rockwall Christian Writer’s Group. I was tempted to skip it because he was speaking on story structure, which I studied for my thesis (you can see a piece of it at the Literary Analysis of Ruth posted on the sidebar). But I thought, why the heck not? I love this stuff. Plus, I’m currently working on a bible study on Abraham and Sarah that uses Campbell and Vogler’s categories, so it will be good to hear another perspective.
He didn’t disappoint. Nothing life changing, but fun. He talked about the Christian story as the foundation for the story form itself. A couple things specifically were good reminders for me:
1. Accurate definitions are good. Compelling depiction is better.
Of course, I know this as a writer, but as a Christian, the same holds true.
2. Express the plot of Christianity, not just principles and propositions.
I love this. Not that principles and propositions are bad, mind you. They just become bland without the story of the relationship. Kurt described the bible as a romantic comedy.
3. Besides musicians, writers are the most insecure people.
Okay, not a life-changing statement, but I am the most insecure person I know. This explains it. I’m a musician and a writer. Oy vey. No hope for me!


L.L. Barkat said...

Romantic comedy. Now that's an interesting description.

Insecure? Who me? Insecure? Why do you say that? Stop it, you're looking at me.

(In all seriousness, why in the world does he think writers are some of the most insecure people? It takes a lot of courage to speak truth in words.)

Elaina M. Avalos said...

Poor Heather. Writer and musician. I'm not insecure though. Am I? I mean, maybe I am. My writing is lackluster. I know that much. I think.

I wish I lived in a real city where I could go to cool things like this. The only thing remotely close to your meeting last night? Nicholas Sparks (who lives here) appearing at Walden Books at the Twin Rivers mall. :) Yeah.

Pamela said...

huh? romantic comedy?
I've spent some night as a youngster scared to death by the pictures left in my head from Bible stories.

strange sense of humor that one.

Heather said...

Comedy meaning has a happy ending, not funny. God pursues His beloved, and in the end, we have a happy ending.
Courage to speak truth in words, yes, but that is different than secure/insecurity. Is my writing good? Is it good enough? Will they like it? What about this? What about that?
I'm incredibly insecure about my writing, and as I meet other writers, I'm so glad to know they are too! It makes me feel better!

Stacy said...

Well, this was kind of fun. I have been surfing the "Misfits" because, well, you guys are fun to read, and there is actually only 3 degrees of separation here. :) My uncle and Kurt Bruner wrote books together (the Heritage, Family Fragrance, and others) and my husband went to church with him. :) Funny how things are connected, and I'm over here in Taiwan! It's a small, small world. OK. I'm done rambling, just thought that was neat. By the way, the workshop sounded really good. I liked the thoughts you listed. Something to think about.