18 April 2007

Music Soothes the Savage Breast

Not so much.
This statement does not apply to me, and I’m a musician. Shouldn’t it soothe me? I mentioned the other day that I can’t practice when already frustrated. I also can’t sleep when music plays, can’t write, can’t sit still in any form or fashion. I must move. The music moves inside of me somewhere and my body needs to reflect that. If the passions get too bottled up, I explode. I don’t care how cheesy that sounds, it’s true. At a symphony concert once, I saw a boy dancing at the end of an aisle. I was jealous. I wanted to dance with him. Instead, I beat my entire leg (often both legs) with the piece. In the car, I conduct or sing along Broadway style. When I worked in an office, I was known for my habit of breaking out into dance at periodic times to the music. I do this at home even more. At least it’s great exercise (because I do not do anything half-heartedly—except clean—so the dancing is energetic). Speaking of cleaning – put some good music on and choreograph the dusting. Dance with that broom. (The vacuum cleaner has two left feet, though, so good luck with him.)
The saddest song in the world? The Day the Music Died.
The best song to dance to? La Vie Boheme from Rent (seriously – just try sitting still to that one)
The best music to run to? Cowboy Mouth (no dilly-dallying when they’re on) and U2
The best music to conduct? Beethoven and Rachmaninoff (those romantics know how to be dramatic!)
Need a little happiness? Put on some Rodgers and Hammerstein and sing your heart out
Need a good cry? This list is too long. I love my good cries, especially when accompanied by music.
So soothing my breast? Not so much.


Jeanne Damoff said...

This is ridiculous. I'll just send the adoption papers, and you can sign.

One friend, if he heard music playing when he called my house, used to say, "Are you aerobic dusting again?"

If certain styles of music (disco, classical, hip-hop)are playing in the grocery store, I dance in the aisles, all the while imagining I'm acting in a movie, of course. "Romance on Aisle Two" with Fred Astaire and Jeanne Damoff.

Music is a movie soundtrack when I drive, too. Only, in the car I'm often a secret agent on assignment. Edgy rock works best.

Like you, I can't write with music playing. I conduct symphonic music. And I almost always get up and dance through the credits after watching a DVD. (Have you ever noticed how danceable most DVD credit music is?)

Music may not soothe your savage breast, but all that dancing and singing is more fun than being soothed. At least I think so.

Claudia said...

you really need to get the soundtrack to the movie Amelie. I think you'll like it.

Heather said...

Claudia - I love that movie, and I do remember liking the music. I'll have to check out the soundtrack sometime.

Erin said...

Soothes the savage breast. Hahahaha!

Yeah, I love music too.

Claudia said...

I hope it works for you...all I know that for me, it calms me and brings me a sense of wonderment and peace esp. when I'm stressed, which is really amazing.

Pamela said...

I second that.

Christianne said...

Love this post. And loved your comment, Jeanne!

I've been thinking about music a lot lately, too. Ever heard of Ennio Morricone? (Who am I kidding? Of course you have.) His score for Cinema Paradiso makes me weep inside (and sometimes on the outside, too). He also wrote the score for The Mission, which expands my heart so it will burst from my body with longing, too.

Heather said...

Love the score to the Mission, Christianne. Love it. And the movie, too.
Send those papers, Jeanne.

Jennifer said...

I love a good broadway soundtrack to make myself happy. I honestly can't get enough of the Broadway cast CD from Mary Poppins. That is some happy stuff.